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'I didn't know where to start with my wedding planning. My friend recommended this app to me and it made the whole process much much easier. I found my Venue, Caterer and Photographer on here. Plus a number of suppliers offer you a discount for mentioning the app which helped get good deals'

Tamanna N, Bride

Event: 18th February 2020

'This is an amazing app! Using their map function I was able to find local venues for my wedding. I also used the app for the catering service, the house lights, as well as  cars for myself and the family. 100% recommend!'

Dildar M, Groom

Event: 24th October 2018

'I recommended this app to my niece and she got everything through the AskAunty App. All in one place, great discounts and she was happy with the end result'


23rd February 2020

'...I did wanna say that I love the app and think it's something that was a long time coming, and definitely needed. We actually used it to help us scout venues for events we did this past Ramadan'


14th October 2019


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